Where Can Women Get Grants For Business? Get The Tips Here

The statistics show that the number of women entrepreneurs is on the increase. According to American Express, between 2017 and 2018, an average of 1,821 women started their business concerns every day in the US. Here are the following tips on where women can get grants for business.

The Halstead Grant

If you are a silver jewellery artist, then this is the place to try your luck for that grant you desperately needed to move your business interest forward. Women jewelry designers can take advantage of this opportunity to get the funds that will push their business in the right direction-most especially those that are based in the US.

If you are interested, simply go to The Halstead Grant and download the grant form and fill up the required details there. For the year 2018, the winner (Emily Shaffer) received $7,500 cash grant plus $1,000 in jewelry supplies. Included in the package is a trip to Prescott, Arizona in addition to perks which included a feature in grant publication-Reveal not forgetting a signature trophy. The lines have been opened since the first day in the month of August 2019. This is an opportunity for businesswomen who are jewelry artists.

Open Meadows Foundation

Away from interests in jewelry artists, are you interested in promoting gender, racial or economic justice? Then Open Meadows Foundation is the place to be for desired funding. In as much as your projects meet their requirements, you are eligible to apply for the grant here. All you need to prove during the process is the clarity of the fact that the project is completely feminine in outlook and structure.

If women in business can prove that they own the copyright of the idea, there are bright prospects of getting the needed funding. You can apply for a $2,000 grant under this foundation. Priority is given to small businesses and start-ups and the application is twice in a year. You can look up to it in 2020 because the application for the fall of 2019 closed on midnight of August the 15th.

Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

Women who are into the big league in business circles and desire the heavy funding for their business initiative are welcomed under this platform. The idea of this initiative began in the year 2006 and it is for business women of all categories. There are no restrictions on business interests here; in as much as you are a career woman entrepreneur, you are free to apply.

To cap it, it cut across all the races on earth; no matter your color or race, in so much as you are into business, you are free to apply.  The grant money here is as high as $100,000 USD. The stakes are very high here; your business must have a healthy turnover and must have been in existence for at least a minimum of three years. For the year 2020; the application has opened since June 2019. You can go for it if you belong to the big league of women entrepreneurs.

Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Program

If you desired total empowerment that goes beyond the provision of cash for the business, then you can look in the direction of the Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Program. It covers capital, education, and access to networking. The existence of this grant dates back to 2009 and with a decade in operation, you can rely on them to get the desired total breakthrough that you have been craving for in business.

To be considered, your business must be resident in the US and you must be 21 years old and above during the time of application. Added to that, you are expected to be proficient in spoken English. Applications for 2019 closed on March 12 and winners have been announced in May. The grant money is $ 5,000. You can get ready for next year’s awards.

More Grant Resources

The four places mentioned above are not exclusive in terms of where grants for business can be obtained. Thank goodness for the internet, you can invest time in research to track down other viable options aside from the ones presented above.

When you log unto reputable databases like Grants for Women, you are going to see several options that you can take for effective results that matter. The list there is comprehensive and in the alternative, you can as well visit the nearest SBA Women’s Business Center close by for those in the US for assistance. Make sure you fall under the category and track your application. Success will definitely follow.


The above are sure areas where women can get desired funding for their business line of operation. If you play by the rules are ensure that you fall within the category covered by the body; you will stand the chance of getting the results that matter at the end of the day.

Carolyn Rhea

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