How Do You Get A Grant To Start A Business For A Woman?

Several business dreams died in the embryo because the finances needed to beef life into it is lacking. If you are a women entrepreneur and you needed the funds to expand the borders of your business, then this article is a must-read for you. Here are the places to get the needed grants:

Fundera’s Zach Grant

One of the easy means of getting the capital to move your business to the next level is by going through Fundera’s Zach Grant. All that you are required to do is to upload a video of the blueprint of your company to the national contest in which you will explain the reason why you started your company. $2,500 are given in grants every year. All that is required thereafter is to follow the company on their social media handle.


A Grant for Greatness

Another area where women can get the desired grants awarded to you is through A Grant for Greatness. To qualify for entry into this grant, you have to present a two-minute video of your business idea to the organizers. The prize money is $1,000. For women with established business concerns and who wants to benefit from this grant, their annual turnover should not exceed $20,000.

Eileen Fisher Program

This is another area that has a bias for women in business and where you can get the needed grants for business.

The focus is on businesses run solely by women and presenting your well-packaged entry will most likely yield desired dividends at the end of the day. The sum of $100,000 is given to 10 recipients every year. The business should have interests in creating environmental and social change in society and must be strictly run by women.

Zions Bank Smart Women Grants

If your business has interests in child and elder care, arts and culture, and teacher support, then the place to be for a grant is Zions Bank Smart Women Grants. The sum of $18,000 is on offer every year over six categories. This is one credible place that you can rely on to get the desired funding for your business.

Walmart Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative

This is an international organization that is open to all women in business across the world that need the grant to stabilize their business concerns.

They are providing $100 million in grants for women in business. This is a place to be for women you need grants for their business. If you are based outside the US, there is a bright chance to getting the grant through Walmart Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative because the focus is more on business interests that are based outside the US.

Huggies MomInspired

This is an initiative that provides up to $15,000 annual grants to 12 women entrepreneurs. If you packaged your business line of action excellently well, the chances of getting on the list of 12 beneficiaries are very bright. This grant comes with professional counsel on the way to move your business forward. Beneficiaries will also benefit from networking opportunities in their notch.

Women’s Business Centers

This is an indirect way of getting the grant needed by women in business. Unlike others that we have mentioned above, there is no price money here, rather it is a database of Small Business Administration which is sponsored by Women’s Business Centers. Some of the centers give small grants themselves to women in need of capital while others will help in the search for where to get the desired funding. Simply go to the database to check out what is there for you.

InnovateHER Women Business Challenge

If you are a woman and you needed the grant as well as innovative ideas that will make your brand to compete favorably at the top, then the place to be is InnovateHER Women Business Challenge. This idea is co-hosted by SBA and it is a competition that offers $70,000 grant money that is spread across the first, second and third winners. This is one of the real deals for women in business.

Idea Cafe Grant

If you are applying for the grant under Idea Cafe Grant, you must be prepared to compete with male counterparts. The prize money here is $1,000 which is enough to grow a business. Most of the past winners are women; this gives the edge for women in business over their male counterparts.


The above-listed places are sure bets that women in business can look to for the desired grants to move their business interests forward in the right direction. Check the timing of the entry and make sure your business plan fits into the requirements- you will get the desired reliefs for your business. Make sure you monitor the progress of your entry.

Carolyn Rhea

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